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Keywords – November 11, 2021

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Why, hello there. This is Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that stops and asks, “How are you doing?” If you’ve found yourself asking your inbox “Who hurt you?” a bit more than usual this week, just remember you are not alone. Also, even though you may not feel this way right at this very moment, know that you’ve got this! Here is this week’s roundup of law library tips.

Closed For Filming

The Reading Room will be closed from 8am – 12:30pm this Friday, November 12 for a university film shoot. That’s right, your favorite study space is gonna be famous. You will still be able to find a place to study in one of the other roughly 41,327 seats in the rest of law library. So, go ahead and try a new study chair. It may even become your new favorite study spot.

Need Books? Plan Ahead

Worried about Friday’s temporary Reading Room closure getting in between you and your borrowing request? Don’t stress, just change your book delivery address. Select contactless pickup and you will be able to retrieve your book(s) from the designated pickup area on the ground floor. Because studying waits for no person. Or university film crew. 

Study Ahead

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Study aids are here to – dare we say – aid you with your studies. They really do cover all aspects of study prep, from nailing the mechanics of memorization, to getting a grasp on the differences of legal writing v. exam writing, to how to succeed at law school without really trying… Ok, so there are some study topics that money can’t buy. For every other legal topic, there’s an online study aid.



We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, continue to wear your mask, thank your veteran law school colleagues for their service, and send us your legal research questions at  

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