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Lexis, Westlaw, & Bloomberg Summer and Post-Graduate Access

Bloomberg Law

Full access continues through the summer without any registration.  Students may use the account for any purpose.  Graduates have full access through June.

Lexis Advance

Full access continues through the summer without any registration, and the account may be used for any purpose.  Graduates have full access through February.  Graduates will note that after July 5, when signing on to LexisNexis for Law Schools, there will be a new Graduate Homepage.  The graduate may choose to use one of four features:

  • Extended access to Law360
  • Lexis Practice Advisor
  • Lexis for Microsoft Office
  • One of 13 LexisNexis E-books, such as Corbin on Contracts

Be aware that Lexis also offers the ASPIRE program.  This program is for graduates pursuing public interest work.  The advantage of having an ASPIRE ID is that the graduate has full access for twelve months following  receipt of the ID.  Applicants will need documentation verifying public interest employment.  This could be a letter confirming  start date on organization letterhead.  Exclusions are government work and law firm work, even if the firm represents nonprofits.  To obtain an ASPIRE ID, use the ASPIRE Application Form on LexisNexis: Access for Law School Graduates.


Students may use Westlaw and Practical Law for noncommercial research.  The student account may not be used when billing a client.  Academic use is permitted without extension of password.  This use includes:

  • Summer coursework
  • Research Assistant assignments
  • Law Review or Journal research
  • Moot Court research
  • Non-profit work
  • Clinical work
  • School-sponsored externship

For graduates, Westlaw offers the Grad Elite program, which requires OnePass Profile update and verification  of graduation date. Graduates may then use Westlaw and Practical Law for 18 months after graduation for any purpose, up to 60 hours per month.  Grad Elite access includes:

  • Westlaw Edge
  • Practical Law
  • Drafting Assistant Essential
  • Doc and Form Builder
  • ProView