Find a Study Space


The law library has a wide array of study areas to meet the varying needs of our students.  Study areas can be found on every floor of the law library and include open study spaces and enclosed study spaces.


Gould Reading Room
Also known simply as the Reading Room or the Harry Potter Room due to its high ceiling and chandeliers.  This room is the hub of the Library and is a popular study area for students.  Wireless internet service and electrical outlets for devises are available throughout this area.  The Circulation and Research Desks are located here.



There are study carrels on the Basement, New Ground, 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors of the library.  The carrels in the Basement, New Ground, and 2nd floor are daily use carrels for all law students.  These carrels will be swept in the morning to ensure fair use, but students are encouraged to use the carrels throughout the day.  The carrels on the 1st floor  have been set aside for use by the students working on journals.  These carrels are non-reservable but can only be used by students working on journals.  Similarly, the 4th floor carrels have been set aside for JSD candidates.  Once a carrel has been assigned by the library, it can not be reassigned by the user. The library has the sole discretion to reassign carrels due to changing needs and circumstances.  JSD candidates who are interested in using one of these carrels for their doctoral  studies should contact Kathleen Hartman (


Casual Reading Room
Also known as the Claudy Reading Room, this room is accessed via the stairs located at the east end of the Reading Room.  This room is excellent for group study and enjoying the views of Cornell, Ithaca, and Cayuga Lake.  There is internet access, a projector, and a white board available for use in this space.  Use of this space is by reservation only.


4TH Floor Study Rooms
The fourth floor of the library houses two small study rooms, 471 & 473.  These rooms are suitable for small groups or partner study. If you wish to use one of these rooms, please reserve it. Law students can reserve one of these rooms a week in advance.


Basement Interview Rooms
There are two interview rooms available in the basement of the library.  These are two small rooms with doors that lock.  Each room has a carrel inside with access to high speed internet and electrical outlets.  If you wish to use one of these rooms, please reserve it. Law students can reserve one of these rooms a week in advance.