Find an Item on the Shelf


Find the book you are looking for in the catalog and note the book’s status:

  • If it is charged: click on ‘Request a book’ on the menu to right to issue a recall or borrow another copy using interlibrary loan or borrow direct.
  • If has a reserve, safe, or other restricted status: If an item has a reserve, special reserve, course reserve, or safe designation in the catalog, you will need to ask for access to the item at the Law Circulation desk
  • If it is not charged: if it is not charged AND the item is not Law Library Reference (i.e. Non-circulating) then the item can be checked out. Write down or text yourself the call number.


Use the call number map to determine which floor the item you are looking for is on.  In the example above, KZ 6260 would be located on the New Ground Floor.  You can find maps and call number charts at the Circulation Desk and various locations throughout the library, including on each floor near the old elevator or by clicking on the link below.


Sample Call Number

LAW:  LAW indicates that the item’s permanent location is the law library.  Note: not all law library materials (particularly older items) will have this designation.

KZ:  Describes subject of the book.  Letters are arranged alphabetically (i.e. K comes before KA)

6260:  Numbers are arranged numerically

.L44:  Often describes the author’s name.  Letters are in alphabetical order but numbers should be read as decimals (e.g.  .L44 should be read as L.44 and is shelved AFTER L3567, L414, OR L437 and BEFORE L441.  Note: some numbers or dates are followed by letters (e.g. L.44x or 2013a)

2013:  Publication Year