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Keywords – September 16, 2021

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

This is Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that wasted about as much time as you did judging the latest VMA Doja CATerpillar and Met Gala straight outta Azkaban lewks. Haha who are we kidding? This is law school – ain’t nobody got time for that! Read on for the latest law library tips that will have you spending less time on your search for answers than the Trinidadian health minister.

Let’s Get It Started

Are you supposed to be working on a note or seminar paper, but are instead wasting time watching critiques of last weekend’s VMA and Met Gala fashion fails? Instead, watch this video recording of our very practically titled workshop “Getting Started with a Note or Seminar Paper”. Don’t say the law library never serves you the content you need.

Send Us Your Suggestions

So have you watched our workshop recording yet? It’s ok. We’ll wait…

Ok, now that you’ve finished watching and are on your way to writing a stella note or seminar paper, do you have any comments you’d like to share with us? Better yet, do you have suggestions on other sensibly titled workshops you’d like to see in the future? Send your comments and suggestions our way via this short survey – we’d love to serve you even more of the content you need.

Printing with Macs

Having trouble sending print jobs from your MacBook? It’s not you, it’s your Mac. Since MacBooks don’t automatically populate your NetID in the username field (the audacity!), you need to make sure your NetID is entered instead of your first name. Because, after all, what’s in a name? Nothing except reams of wasted paper and a depleted CU Print account. Save the paper. Save your funds. Use your NetID.


We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, continue to wear your mask, make sure your NetID is entered when printing from your Mac, and send us your legal research questions at

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