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Keywords – October 7, 2021

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back to Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter to see you through the other side of the Great Facebook Fiasco of 2021. If Monday’s Instagram Implosion had you feeling lost and confused, you’re in luck – Fall Break is just around the corner. If you were too busy studying to even notice the outages, rest assured that law school was the right choice.

We know that as law students, you may not quite remember how to vacation. That’s why we’re here. Read on for your Fall Break tips.   

Read A Paper

A newspaper, that is. Reacquaint yourself with the world of words outside of casebooks and explore the free online news subscriptions you are privy to as a Cornell Law student. Fuel yourself with more than coffee and cook up some new recipes from the NYTimes. Take advantage of the downtime and begin planning your very topical and on-trend Halloween costume with help from the Wall Street Journal. Plan your next weekend binge with recommendations from the Financial Times. Catch up on the latest legal news with…actually, you can save your subscription for after break.

Fall Break Hours

Yes, even law libraries like to take a break from time to time. Our Fall Break hours will be in effect from October 9 – 16. Don’t worry, you’ll still be to do law studenty things like access the library with your Cornell ID and contact a reference librarian via email. As the saying goes, you can take a law student out of the library, but you can’t keep the library away from the law student. Enjoy your break!

We will be back after Fall Break with the next edition of Keywords. In the meantime, enjoy our recommendation for your next Netflix binge (review the links above for clues), try to catch up on sleep, and have a great Fall Break!

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