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Keywords – October 6, 2022

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Hello, this is Keywords, the only thing you’ll read between now and Fall Break because we are your favorite weekly law library newsletter. (Ok, fine, we are your only weekly law library newsletter but who’s counting?) If law school has you feeling like some sort of studious robot in need of a reboot, drink some water, take a deep breath, and keep reading for the latest law library tips on how you, a law student, can enjoy Fall Break.

Do Nothing

No, really. Try doing nothing. At least for a day (just kidding), an afternoon (lol), ok…an hour. At the very least, try to spend a day (we jest), an afternoon (hahaha), ok…an hour away from the law library. You don’t have to go home, but you shouldn’t stay here.  

Do Less

You come to this place for magic. You come to the law library to laugh (while reading your favorite law library newsletter), to cry (while trying to read your class assignments), to care (deeply about all the other things you still have to read). But, during Fall Break, you can’t come to the Law Library for in-person reference help. Don’t worry – you can email your research questions to instead. You can even try emailing us from home.

Do More

…with less face time in front of your favorite law library people. During Fall Break, the Law Library will be open October 10 – 14 from 8am – 5pm. We will be closed October 8, 9, and 15, with regular hours resuming October 16. Don’t worry – you can still access the Law Library after hours with your Cornell ID. We know we are your second home.


We will be back after Fall Break with the next edition of Keywords. In the meantime, enjoy your time away from your home away from home, and have a great Fall Break! 

The Law Library. Myron Taylor Hall. Ithaca, NY 14853.