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Keywords – October 28, 2021

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Hello. It’s Keywords, your foremost and utmost weekly law library newsletter. It’s the last week of October. Leaves are changing, temps are falling, and the holiday of David S. Pumpkins is just around the corner. If thoughts of law school things frighten you more than actual Halloween horrors, don’t worry – we are here to help. Here are some law library tips to help you survive the next few weeks.

Don’t Research Alone

Picture it: it’s close to midnight, and you are quickly writing in the dark. Under the desk light, you see a sight that almost stops your heart…then you realize it’s just your reflection in your laptop because you’ve been researching nonstop for the last 300 years 37 hours. Don’t fret – friends don’t let friends research alone. Schedule an in-depth research consultation with a research librarian by emailing And maybe take a quick nap.

Use the Buddy System

Keep safe (and sane) this study season and use an online study aid as a study buddy. With literally thousands of lessons to choose from, there’s a study aid for every legal subject, mood, and season. So, use a study buddy and get ready to hocus focus

Keep an Open Mind

We are in the middle of Open Access Week where academic and research institutions (including – wait for it – law libraries) advocate to make scholarly research more freely available to the public. Check out some of the events that Cornell Library is hosting this week, including Friday’s hybrid workshop with the co-directors of the Legal Information Institute (LII). Because nothing’s scarier than hiding knowledge behind a paywall.




We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, continue to wear your mask and keep an eye out for some Halloween candy. And remember, if you need some help to check out a book, who you gonna call? The circ desk!  

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