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Keywords – March 9, 2023

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Hello. It’s Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that promises to be there for you in good times and bad, from orientation week through wellness week, ‘til graduation do us part. There are still a couple days left during Wellness Week, so allow us to take a quick break from normal newsletter news and focus on our form of wellness: reading books, finding books, and just having fun with books in general. Read on.

Read for Fun

Harken back to the days before you entered your law student era and books weren’t merely essential tools that impacted your mind as much as they impacted your bank account. Whenever you want to relive the time when books were the key to your imagination and not just your future employment, look no further than the library – any library! Use Libby to check out your local library’s digital collections. Explore the latest viral #BookTok recs with Overdrive. Or take a quick jaunt down Ho Plaza and browse what’s new & noteworthy over at Olin Library. Who knew the key to having fun was with just your library card?

Find Your Fun

Speaking of browsing, did you know that you can physically search for books in the stacks? Think of it like dating. Almost. If you’re interested in a book, you can find its location via the call number in the catalog. After you’ve confirmed whether it’s available, head over to the area of the library where your book lives and pick it up for fun night in. Remember, it’s okay to check out another book if one catches your eye while you’re browsing. Now that’s what we call a hot date.

Hint: if you want to look up a certain book from the Law Library, grab a bookmark from the circ desk and use the call number guide on the back to find the floor it’s located on. It’s okay if you return with more books than what you had your eye on. We won’t tell.  

Have Fun and Celebrate

If you want to extend your fun times with books past the end of Wellness Week, RSVP to next Monday’s book celebration for Professor Anker’s most recent publication On Paradox: The Claims of Theory. Take it from us: the only thing more fun than having fun with books is having fun with other people because of a book. Oh and free lunch. There’s that too.

We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, if you happen to speak or read Russian and have an interest in jury trial processes, email us. We may have a job for you

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