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Keywords – March 31, 2022

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

It’s the last day of March in Central New York, which means billions of students across campus (except the Vet School because apparently, they’re special) are getting ready for Spring Break. Here now to share tips on what to do with your Spring Break is your resident legal research correspondent and weekly law library newsletter, Keywords.

Read a Book

Myron Taylor’s quietest and most exclusive space is the Reading Room. Located inside a Hogwarts knock-off, this room has everything: comfy couches, Instagram-worthy views, and a circulation desk that will be open April 4 – 8 from 8am – 5pm. (We’ll be closed April 2, 3, and 9 with normal hours resuming at noon on April 10). Use this break to work on your to-be-read list and request a book from the catalog that ::gasp:: isn’t for class. Because reading is what? FUNdamental!

Grab Some Popcorn

Tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Paramount +/Disney + and all the other streaming “pluses” that make your bank account feel more like a minus? Reacquaint yourself with the video media of yesteryear, the betamax. Just kidding, we’re not THAT old. Check out a DVD from our collection and pop it into your PlayStation, Xbox, or for the purists among us – an actual DVD player. Or check out the free video streaming options in the library catalog.

Review Your Notes

We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but now is not the time to forget everything you’ve learned this semester. Just some things. (We jest.) Spend a few minutes every now and then to review some Questions & Answers, look over some archived exams, or explore our online study guides. Got a research question you want to mull over during Spring Break? Our in-person reference desk will be closed for break, but you can still get in touch with a reference librarian by emailing

We will be back after Spring Break with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, celebrate Trans Day of Visibility with OutLaw in the Student Lounge today, remember to use your Cornell ID to access the library after hours, pick up an antigen kit from a testing site, and enjoy your Spring Break!

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