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Keywords – March 23, 2023

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

We are firmly ensconced in the first tentative days of the spring era, which means you are that much closer to the end of your rope. Hang on to your hats and your sanity, folks. Your favorite weekly law library newsletter is here to put the spring into “I’m a law student, spring me out of here”. This is Keywords, the spring edit.  

Find What’s Yours

Now that it’s spring, now is a good time to do a little mental spring cleaning, reground yourself, and check to see if you’ve lost sight of anything during the semester. Did you have your eye on the prize but now the prize seems a bit less clear? Check the lost and found for your glasses. Has it gotten harder to find your inner peace while you’re studying? Check the lost and found for your headphones. Looking for the perfect case to cite?  Come to the reference desk for help with your legal research…then ask at the circ desk to see if the case for your Air Pods is in the lost and found.

Is That Ours?

While you’re checking the lost and found to see if any of your items have come into our possession, please use this opportunity to see if any law library items are still in your possession.  For example, do you spy a laptop charger that you don’t recognize? Is there a law library barcode affixed to it? Did you borrow it from the circ desk more than 3 hours ago? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, there’s a 100% chance that laptop charger belongs to the law library and should be returned to the circ desk. Be kind; please rewind to the days when you were a responsible borrower and return your checked out items on time.

Close the Doors

We love that you treat the Law Library as your second home. However, we don’t love it when you treat the Law Library as your actual home and leave the doors of the stacks service elevator open. If the doors aren’t closed, the elevator can’t run. If the elevator can’t run, we can’t return books to their proper place. If books aren’t in their proper place, we all lose precious time trudging up and down the stairs…because the elevator isn’t running. So be kind to your time (and our knees) and close the service elevator doors behind you.  

 We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, whenever you lose your way, your laptop, or that charger you borrowed, come find us at the circ desk.


The Law Library. Myron Taylor Hall. Ithaca, NY 14853.