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Keywords – March 10, 2022

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to the Wellness Week edition of Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that reminds you there’s actually more to life than just studying in the library. There’s also studying at home! (We jest.) Here are some ways the library can help you relax, relate and release (because napping in the carrels doesn’t count).

How to Relax

Did you know that there are people that use libraries for fun? (Yes, even librarians know how to have a good time. We’re not nuns.) Try checking out some non-law books (yes, those do exist). Or get your culture on and stream some opera. As Arthur the Aardvark said, “Having fun isn’t hard when you got your library card!” Or all the databases in the Cornell Library catalogue!

How to Recharge

You’ve heard that it’s helpful to unplug yourself every now and then to truly recharge. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of your electronic devices. Next time your phone or laptop is running out of juice, don’t fret. Ask for a charger at the circulation desk!

How to do Wellness

Missed out on the law school’s wellness events this week? Don’t worry – you still have today and tomorrow to party and partake. Build your own sleep kit today, or take a wellness walk around campus tomorrow.  You can even attend our law library workshop at 12:20 today if your idea of wellness is learning about international and foreign legal research tools. You do you!


We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, wear your mask, explore the library’s fun side, and send your library questions to  

The Law Library. Myron Taylor Hall. Ithaca, NY 14853.