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Keywords – January 27, 2022

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to the first Keywords of 2022, the only weekly law library newsletter as delightfully inspiring and heartwarming as a motivational speech from everyone’s favorite American football coach, Ted Lasso.  In case you are still experiencing what the professionals call “Winter Break-Induced Amnesia”, or “Student Life Memory Loss”, or “I’ve Forgotten How to Law School Please Send Help Fugue State”, here is a quick refresher on all things Law Library.

This is the Law Library

Have you recently dreamt of a beautiful setting, resplendent with vaulted arches, breathtaking views, and books older than your great-great-great-grandparents? Did you wake up from said dream and wonder, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”. Well, I am happy to tell you that the Law Library is the literal embodiment of your dream come true. Next time you’re on campus, stop by and sit a while.

Studying in the Law Library

Speaking of sitting a while, there have been some seating changes brought on by the most recent variant (the one that starts with “ohm”,  rhymes with “defcon level midnight”). Seating in the Gould Reading Room is currently limited to two people per table. Think of all the extra space you have to spread out your notebooks, your lucky pens, your trusty laptop, and all those books you’ve opened to random pages to appear busy when really you’re just trying to figure out today’s Wordle. (Same!)  

Using the Law Library

Speaking of Wordle, we firmly believe that using the library should be significantly less challenging than Monday’s infamous “Wordle 219”. While you do get more than six chances to find the books you need, don’t waste time – use a lifeline! Stop by the circulation desk for help with your Law Library needs.

Law Library Tip #279: The Circulation desk is currently operating with limited hours (M – Th: 11am – 5pm; F: 12 – 4pm). We will return to normal hours when in-person classes resume on February 7.    


We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, wear your mask in all library spaces (all means the basement carrels, the Casual Reading Room, and every Law Library space in between), and send your general Law Library inquiries to  

The Law Library. Myron Taylor Hall. Ithaca, NY 14853.