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Keywords – February 9, 2023

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you and your fellow law students should be planning on celebrating the day outside of the library. However, we know that your idea of a good time is spending all your time in the library so we’re just going to lean in. Here with tips on how to show love to the most important law student in your life (p.s. it’s you) even when you’re in the library is the most important weekly law library newsletter in your life: Keywords.

Make a Reservation

One way to show the most important law student in your life that you care is to snag the hottest reservation of the season – interview rooms. Located on the Lower Level of this gothic architectural marvel you call your second home, these intimate subterranean chambers are the perfect locale to share your hopes, your dreams, and your thoughts on why you are the ideal summer associate/junior counsel/future named partner.

Make Preparations

Plan in advance, but not too far in advance. You can reserve an interview room up to one week ahead of your date interview. If you’re having problems making a reservation, you may email your friendly law library maître d’ at Please note that each seating has a two-hour time limit.

Make Time for Self-Care

One of the ways that we like to show the most important law students in our life (hint: it’s all of you) that we care is by providing creature comforts to make your stay with us that much more enjoyable. Tired of reading just for assignments? Browse the catalog for popular books that neither weigh a ton nor on your mind. Feeling stressed? Borrow squash equipment from the circ desk and release the beast, release the stress, release the love, forget the rest.

Make a Transcription

This Valentine’s Day, join the Cornell University Library for Douglass Day, a national event for creating and preserving Black history in honor of Frederick Douglass’ birthday. This year, the library is hosting a transcribe-a-thon of the works of Mary Ann Shadd Cary, one of the first Black women to attend law school. Treats from Rashida Sawyer Bakery will be provided to make your day that much sweeter.

We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, find us at the circ desk for more library themed self-care tips.

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