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Keywords – February 16, 2023

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back to Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that can grab your attention like Rihanna. As a budding legal mind, you may not have the time, wherewithal, or brain capacity to keep track of prime events in real time. That’s why you have us. Read on for this week’s roundup of things you should be aware of.

Research More

As a studious law student, you have probably come to think of the library staff as guides of legal research knowledge. You are also probably most definitely (okay, hopefully) aware that you can access online research guides of all manner of legal research topics. But, did you know that these research guides are regularly updated with new tips and topics? If you would like a research guide to help you explore the depths of these research guides, reach out to a research librarian.

More to Explore

Quiz time: what is the highest room in the law library? If you answered, “The Claudy Casual Reading Room,” or “That study room at the top of the spiral staircase in the Reading Room”, you are wrong. There is in fact one floor above the Reading Room, accessible via either of the spiral staircases in the 3rd floor stacks. Here in this lofted enclave is where you’ll find JSDs in their personal carrels and the 4th floor study rooms. Reserve a study room, grab some study buddies and take your studying to new heights.

Explore the Outdoors

It’s true that the Law Library can provide everything (okay, almost everything) you need to survive law school. But were you aware that it is okay to step outside the Law Library and even the Law School every so often? Explore some of the far-flung ends of campus and partake in some upcoming Black History Month events: Celebrate Toni Morrison’s birthday this Friday with a reading and some carrot cake at the Africana Center; examine the “Seeds of Survival and Celebration” exhibit at the Cornell Botanic Gardens. Or you can lean in to law school life, stay on your couch and Zoom in to the next Berger Speaker Series talk moderated by Professor LeClercq.


We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, remember to take a break from the library from time to time. We’ll save your seat for you.

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