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Keywords – December 7, 2021

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It’s exam period, which means you will probably definitely be spending a lot of time in the Law Library. Here are some tips to make sure your time in your home away from home is as productive and, dare we say, stress-free as possible:

For Law Students Only

Use of the Law Library is restricted to law students during this study/exam period. To make sure your studies are not disturbed, please have your Cornell ID with your Law School sticker on you at all times so Law Library staff can easily check your status.

Helpful Tip: Keep your Cornell ID (sticker side up) next to you on your desk so we can easily check that you’re a law student. Because as they say, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

Take a Study Break

While you’re spending all your spare time in the library, take a few minutes every now and then to stretch your legs, hydrate, and take a coloring break. Or a puzzles break. You can find these activities and more in the Reading Room and 3rd floor Law Library areas. Pencils down. Crayons up.

Helpful Tip: For inspiration, check out the new display exhibit dedicated to our very own Dean Ohlin, located in the Reading Room by the 3rd floor stacks entrance. Remember, he was once a law student too. You can do this!


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