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Keywords – April 21, 2022

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Step right up, step right up! This is Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter with the latest and greatest legal research giveaways. In addition to our standard studious fares such as online study aids and research librarians, this week we’re also giving you access to some hot prizes, Cornell swag, and…wait for it…PUPPIES! Want to learn more? Well read on, fair student. Read on.

This Way for the Cantwell Prize

Are you a 2L, 3L, or LLM? Have you written a scholarly research paper since May 2021, read it back to yourself and thought, “Yes, this is a whole vibe.”? Share the vibe and submit your paper to the Cornell Law Library Robert Cantwell Prize for Exemplary Student Research. Not only will you have everyone vibing, you’ll also have a chance to win one of two cash prizes AND to publish your paper in Scholarship@Law, spreading your vibe to a community of global researchers, scholars, and potential employers. Now, THAT’S a vibe.

Get Some Cornell Swag

All you need to do is answer our 2022 Law Library Student Survey for kids who can read legal things good and who wanna learn how to do other library stuff good too. For just 10 – 15 minutes out of one day, you too can be entered to a drawing for some Cornell swag. Help the Law Library plan for the future; get swag that you can keep for a lifetime.  

Workshops! Limited Time Only!

Available for one night afternoon only, these legal research workshops have everything: top tips for tax legal research, advice on free & low-cost legal research resources, and the hottest commodity in legal research – law librarians. Interested in learning about tax law? Join us this Thursday in 277 MTH. Want to become a well-rounded legal researcher? Then we’ll see you on April 28th in 276 MTH.  

Everyone’s a Winner

…when it comes to de-stressing with puppies. Exams? Papers? Life decisions? Who cares! Come to the Courtyard at noon on Wednesday, May 4 to take your mind off adult things and indulge in some pet therapy. Coming to you for the first time since the B.C. “before Covid” era.  

We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, get ready for puppy time, fill out our survey , and send your legal research questions to  

The Law Library. Myron Taylor Hall. Ithaca, NY 14853.