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Keywords – April 20, 2023

KEYWORDS: Law Library Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back to Keywords, the only weekly law library newsletter that saves all of the law library tea (in spill-proof containers) for you each and every week that class is in session. We promise that we will never keep you waiting for a reunion with your favorite study seat…unless of course someone else is already in it or it’s time for the LLM and 3L class dinners. For tips on how you can still do law library things even when we can’t let you in to the Law Library, read on.

It’s Dinner Time

So, you know how the Reading Room was closed yesterday afternoon for the LLM dinner? Well, the dinner was so nice, we decided to do it twice! The Reading Room will be closed again this afternoon for the 3L dinner. You might be asking yourself, “Aren’t there signs in each and every Reading Room alcove that I choose to ignore or forget how to read that say ‘Food is NOT permitted in the Reading Room?’” Yes. The answer is yes.

It’s Study Time

To everyone who stays up late, wakes up early, and gives up their Sunday afternoon to study in the Reading Room, don’t panic. There are still plenty of other academically and aesthetically pleasing settings where you can get your study on during this and any other Reading Room closures. You can venture to the lower levels of the Law Library, set up shop in any of the seats around the Law School, or explore a new study spot on campus…pause for dramatic effect…that’s outside of Myron Taylor. Say whaaaat?

It’s Time to Find a New Library

Of course we’re joking. We know you don’t remember how to converse with non-law folks. Or undergrads. But, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t acquaint yourself with all the other lovely campus libraries. Take a swing (or a nap) in a hammock at the Vet Library. Reserve a solo space for studying (or napping) in Mann or Uris. We’ll even be okay if you visit that other Harry Potter library on campus. Just get out there! Remember, you can always reach us at the circ desk or ref desk via email even whenever you are not physically with us in the Reading Room (by choice or otherwise).

It’s Cantwell Time

At least, it’s almost time for the Cantwell Prize. If you’re a 2L, 3L, or LLM with a research paper that’s giving “so major” or “really big slay”, then submit it for a chance to win one of two cash prizes. Visit our prize page for more details.

We will be back next week with a new edition of Keywords. In the meantime, remember you can “call me, beep me if you wanna reach me” whenever the circ or ref desks are closed. Like this afternoon during the 3L dinner. How helpful is that?

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