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Nubia Mateus Zorro

Bitner Fellow
Nubia Mateus Zorro’s fellowship took place in July 2015. Zorro has served as a law librarian at the Universidad de los Andes for 18 years. She has also worked as a freelance librarian and an assistant professor of research methodology, giving her valuable experiences and insights to bring to the Cornell community. Zorro took full advantage of Cornell resources, meeting with faculty and staff and touring facilities. Zorro’s visit also coincided with the Law Library’s inaugural Foundations in American Law Summer College course for high school and college students, allowing her multiple opportunities to observe library faculty teaching. Zorro’s concluding presentation offered an overview of the legal system in Colombia as well as the structure of the library at Universidad de los Andes. “The organization of the Law Library, the kindness of the staff and faculty, and the easy access to the services by the students were some of the most wonderful lessons that I learned at Cornell,” she said in her final report. “I am most grateful to the Bitner Fellowship for giving me the chance to enjoy this experience. Because of this opportunity, I was able to share my working experience, explain our domestic legal system and, at the same time, be exposed to a whole new way of management and organization of a Law Library.”