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Maropene Ramabina

Bitner Fellow
Maropene Ramabina visited Cornell in October 2014. Along with a general immersion into the law library’s organizational structure, Ramabina focused his fellowship research on copyright enforcement in academic libraries. “My visit to Cornell Law Library helped me a lot to gather information for my research. Cornell Law Library colleagues gave me access to several copyright and Intellectual property materials (both print and online),” he wrote in his final report. “Meeting with Cornell Copyright Office colleagues was the best moment for my research. It was good to interact with someone who is working with copyright materials on a daily basis, hear about the gaps, loopholes, opportunities for further research etc.” Throughout his fellowship, Ramabina met with members of the Cornell Law Library and Law School communities and visited law school class sessions. He had the opportunity to attend the Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York’s annual conference in Syracuse. Ramabina concluded his stay with a presentation to Law Library staff about the efforts of the law library at the University of Venda and his plans for the future. “Thank you very much to Cornell Law Library staff members and the Bitner Family for giving me an opportunity to be part of this exciting and beneficial project,” he said.