What can the library do for faculty in regard to SSRN? 

The Law Library can:


  • Answer any questions faculty may have about SSRN and their accounts;
  • Track the number of distributed papers to ensure the cap for the account is not breached;
  • Add cover pages to all distributed papers;
  • Submit papers for faculty upon request.


How should faculty submit an article to SSRN?

Faculty can submit articles to SSRN by emailing them to Ask Lloyd.

If submitting through the library be sure:

  • All authors have an account with SSRN (an author can not be added to a paper submission unless the author has an SSRN account)
  • Include an abstract and keywords to increase discoverability
  • Include citation information if article is to be submitted as an accepted paper rather than a working paper
  • Include other journal classifications you would like to designate (besides Cornell Law's Legal Studies Research Paper Series)


Who can submit articles to SSRN?

Only faculty may submit articles to SSRN.  The distribution of articles through Cornell Law's Legal Studies Research Paper Series is determined by the ejournal editor, Prof. Michael Heise.


How do I submit a revision to SSRN?

Please send all revisions to  Ask Lloyd.  Please note that any time a revision is submitted, SSRN will generate a new temporary ID. Eventually after processing by SSRN, the original document and the revision will bemerged under the original ID so that the download counts will be preserved.