What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD is a persistent digital identifier that links researchers and authors to their research, publications, and other professional activities.  ORCID iDs are not tied to an institution or database, and travels with the researcher or author.  Publishers, funders, research institution, and other organizations are increasingly utilizing and even requiring ORCID iDs.


Where can I learn more about ORCID iDs and how to get started?

To learn more about ORCID iDs, how to get one and how to use your ORCID iD, click HERE for more information or see below to contact your library liaison for more assistance with setting up your ORCID iD.


What can the library do for faculty in regard to ORCID iDs?

Faculty can contact their library liaison for assistance setting up their ORCID iDs, and for assistance linking their scholarship to their ORCID iD.  Click HERE to find your library liaison.