Outreach and Communications Policy


The primary purpose of the exhibits and displays in the law library is to communicate and highlight Cornell University Law Library’s services, collections, priorities, and activities to the Cornell community.

The secondary purpose of the exhibits and displays is to publicize academic activities that have a broad appeal to the Cornell community, such as lectures, seminars, exhibits, cultural events, etc. 

Priority will be given to content highlighting law library service and collection offerings, and academic accomplishments, opportunities, and events specific to the law school community.

Appropriate content includes but is not limited to, materials that advertise law library offerings, visiting speakers, workshops or training sessions, accomplishments of law faculty or law students, or academic areas of interest related to law.

Prohibited content includes but is not limited to, political statements, materials advertising items for sale or for rent, or materials that promote non-academic events that are unrelated to the law school community.

To submit a request to have content displayed, interested parties should provide advanced notice and submit a detailed request to Ariel Scotese (aae42@cornell.edu).

The law library reserves the right to post or not post materials based on messaging priorities, subject matter, format, design quality, time constraints or other reasons not listed here.