After Hours Policy

The law library is open to all Cornell University students and the public. Access to the law library after hours however is restricted to the law student community. Law library staff circulates at closing to ensure only faculty and members of the law student community remain.

The library also has resticted access during study and exam period.  During this time, non-law students may only come into the law library to check out an item or ask a reference question between 8am and 5pm Monday thru Friday.  Non-law students may not remain in the law library to study and will be asked to leave by staff.  Non-law students will not have access to the building over the weekend.

In order to identify members of the law student community, stickers are placed on the back of the student's CU ID card by the registrar. Students whose stickers wear off, or who do not receive a sticker from the registrar's office, should inquire at the Circulation Desk during business hours.

Students are advised to leave their CU ID out with the sticker showing while studying so that staff will not disturb their studies to ask to see their stickers.

If a student loses their sticker, they will receive one grace sticker replacement, after which the student will be charged $10 for each replacement sticker.

Please note

The stickers serve as a replacement for the pink cards formerly issued by the Law School.All students will be asked to show their stickers in the law library after hours unless they are known to staff to be law students or faculty. All students who cannot procure a sticker will be asked to leave.