Research Instruction at Cornell Law Library


Cornell Law Library offers many courses in basic and advanced legal research to ensure that our students are well prepared to practice law. Expert research services librarians have designed these classes to help our students excel at Cornell Law School and into their future careers.

Beginning in the Lawyering program, research attorneys introduce first year students to the fundamentals of legal research. Second and third year students, as well as LLMs, can choose from a wide variety of graduate and upper-class courses to solidify and expand their research techniques.

In addition to these credit offerings, research services librarians offers numerous targeted workshops for specific law school audiences. Finally, the research services librarians provide instruction in seminar courses to assist students with researching their paper topics.

Whether source checking for law review, working in a clinic, researching for a professor during the summer, writing a paper that satisfies the writing requirement, or gearing up for summer or post-graduate employment, the Law Library's extensive instruction offerings help our students achieve their maximum potential.