For in depth information about the history of the Law Library, read these articles:

History of the Law School

The history of Cornell Law School has been written about extensively. In these articles written by professors, deans, and alumni, read about the creation and development of Cornell Law School over the course of the past 120 years.

Cornell Law School Its History and Traditions from 1865-1965
By Harry G. Henn, New York Bar Journal (1965)

Cornell Law School from 1884-1959
Series of articles in the Cornell Law Forum (1959-60)

Cornell University School of Law from 1862-1889
By Prof. Harry B. Hutchins, 1 Green Bag 473 (1889)

History of Cornell Law School from 1862-1919
By Edwin H. Woodruff, 4 Cornell L.Q. 91 (1919)

Cornell Law School from 1919-1954
By Robert S. Stevens, 54 Cornell L. Rev. 332 (1969)

Cornell Law School from 1954-1963
By W. David Curtiss, 56 Cornell L. Rev. 374 (1971)