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ScanIt is a free document delivery service for Cornell Law students and faculty. Students and faculty who would like to make a SCANit request should first obtain the material by reqesting the item to be scanned be delivered to the law circulation desk.  Once the material has been obtained, students and faculty can send in a SCANit request.

Scanned items are delivered electronically in PDF format within two business days of the request.


How to place a request:

1) Obtain your material: Locate the item in the library catalog, then use the 'Request' button to have the item delivered to the Law Library circulation desk from any library on campus.  If the material is not available at Cornell, request it through either InterLibrary Loan or Borrow Direct.  If the book you would like scanned is from the Law Library and you find it on your own, please bring the book to the circulation desk and leave it with the circulation assistant.  Include a note that states your name, email address, the pages you would like scanned and, if applicable, the journal you are working with.

2) Request Scan:  Once you receive an email informing you that the item you requested has arrived at the circulation desk, forward that email to with instructions regarding which pages are to be scanned. 


The scanned item will be delivered to you electronically via email or Box within two business days. During periods of high volume requests (e.g. during sourcing assignments), requests will be filled as staff time permits.  If your request is part of a pattern of requests that violates copyright (e.g. you request multiple chapters of the same book), your request will be denied.

ScanIt requests are subject to the following restrictions:

  • 1 article per issue
  • 1 chapter per book or 10% of a publication -whichever has fewer pages
  • Articles are provided for the purpose of private study or research. Any other use may require the permission of the copyright owner. It is the responsibility of the requestor to comply with all applicable copyright laws.
Item Type

The following materials are not eligible for ScanIt:

  • Items on permanent and course reserve
  • Items held in the Law Library Rare Collections or the Division of Rare Manuscripts
  • Items too fragile or brittle for scanning
  • Microform items held by any other library except the Library Annex
  • Maps
  • Any other non-circulating items that cannot be requested through the catalog to the law circulation desk
  • No archival or publication quality scans will be provided (max 300dpi). Requests for high-resolutions scans should be directed to the Division of Rare Manuscripts.
  • ScanIt may be used for academic purposes only. Students may not submit requests for materials related to employment unless working for a professor.


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