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The Cornell Legal Research Clinic invites legal research requests from local non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs, individuals, and legal service providers.  Upper-level law students complete the research under the guidance of two attorney instructors.  Focusing on legal research allows the Clinic to serve clients who do not yet require full legal representation for a case, but nonetheless have a legal question that requires counsel.  Clinic services are limited to answering the discrete research question presented and, although they may include a recommended course of action, do not extend to assisting with implementation. 


Subject matter and depth of problems may vary and problems are selected at the Clinic’s discretion. 

Research results may be presented formally or informally, in writing or orally, depending upon client need. 




As of September, 2016, the Legal Research Clinic also invites legal research requests from foreign judges as part of the Clinic's inclusion of a service formerly provided by the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law.  

Research requests must be related to issues of gender justice.  Services may include drafting legal research memoranda, providing referrals to articles, cases, or other resources, preparing training or public education materials, and assisting in the preparation of speeches or presentations.  Such requests may support a judge's adjudication of a case, development of courtroom procedures, or activities outside of the courtroom.  Previous examples of judicial support include:

  • Preparation of interactive materials for a training of judges and prosecutors on human trafficking cases in Kenya;
  • Research on inegrated domestic violence courts in the United States;
  • Analysis of the features and benefits of Argentina's Domestic Violence Office; and
  • Comparative research on the use of mandatory minimum seentences in sexual offense cases.

For more examples of memoranda prepared in response to judicial requests, please click here.  With a judge's permission, non-sensitive research memoranda are uploaded to our webpage, where they may inform the work of other judges around the world.



All matters are treated as presumptively confidential. 

Requests are currently being accepted on a rolling basis throughout the Spring 2017 semester.

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