Cornell Legal Research Clinic


   About the Clinic





The Cornell Legal Research Clinic invites legal research requests from local non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs, individuals, and legal service providers.  Upper-level law students complete the research under the guidance of attorney instructors.  Focusing on legal research allows the Clinic to serve clients who do not yet require full legal representation for a case, but nonetheless have a legal question that requires counsel.  Clinic services are limited to answering the discrete research question presented and, although they may include a recommended course of action, do not extend to assisting with implementation. 

Subject matter and depth of problems may vary and problems are selected at the Clinic’s discretion. Please Note: We do not accept questions related to patents. If you need assistance with your patent, please check the United States Patent and Trademark Office website here for information about the patent pro bono program.

Research results may be presented formally or informally, in writing or orally, depending upon client need. 



All matters are treated as presumptively confidential. 

We not accepting requests for research assistance for the Fall 2018 semester. Please check again in December for when we will start taking questions for the Spring semester. If you need more immediate assistance, please contact your local bar association.